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Author | Speaker | Activator

Tony Ferraro

My passion is helping others to become better leaders, achieve new levels of success and live an abundant life. I activate people and organizations to realize and accomplish more personally, professionally and spiritually.


Previously, I thought my success as an entrepreneur would be how I leave my mark. Then I discovered how I could really have an impact. I have the unique ability to help others identify what truly excites them, activating them to break through current challenges, move toward reaching goals and achieve greater levels of significance.


I believe in you. Let’s get moving today.


Killing Cows

KillingCowsThere are six sacred cows holding you back.

Killing Cows: Six Sacred Cows Keeping You From a Fully Satisfied Life is my first book, and in it, I explore the common obstacles that inhibit Christians on their spiritual journey.


You need to believe in yourself, but you also need to believe in (and follow) God’s plan for you to actualize your potential and live your best life. Are you ready to have a full, satisfied life?


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I believe in you. But you need to believe in yourself, too. It's time to take action to live a fully satisfied life personally and professionally, and I'm here to help.

  • LifePlan

    We all have a purpose, gifts and talents. With LifePlan, we’ll reveal these and activate your life to find balance while accomplishing your vision. Create a whole life personal development plan with this eye-opening two-day intensive.

  • StratOp

    I take organizations, both for profit and nonprofit, through a multi-day, cross-functional strategic team process to help them gain clarity, see what’s missing and set goals in the most critical areas of their business.

  • Convene

    I gather groups of Christian CEOs, presidents and business owners to work as peers on the common business challenges we face, to encourage one another and to walk with one another through life.

  • Coaching

    I take a different approach to coaching. My goal is to be fully immersed in your world as rapidly as possible to help you, by trusting God and yourself, find the clarity and confidence you need to take your next steps.

  • Speaking

    Are you trying to move your group? The art of the start is the most complicated part of any initiative. Whether you are trying to change your business or change lives, I can offer a practical, engaging approach to get people moving.


The latest notes from my desk

  • January 19, 2022 • Challenges, Values

    Cracked Eggs Break “Yokes”

    There were two raw eggs, both fell from a height of six feet. One broke and the other did not. Why? Both eggs were identical. Each egg was raw. Each egg had a shell roughly 400 micrometers thick;

  • January 17, 2022 • Challenges Pig headed Angry child

    Cement Waffles & Other Pig Headed Behavior

    Kids often take a stand against going places they’ve never been, eating food they’ve never seen and doing things they’ve never done. The crazier part is that as soon as the option is

  • January 17, 2022 • Challenges starts with me: young woman looking at reflection

    It Starts With Me

    When I was young, one of my favorite cartoons was Mr. Magoo. Poor Mr. Magoo was as blind as a bat. He would constantly bump into things, fall off cliffs, drive into walls and find himself in so many

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