What is Convene?

Convene is peer-based consulting built on common values. I gather Christian CEOs, company presidents, business owners and other high capacity individuals to walk through life together. We encourage one another and work as peers on the common professional challenges we all face from time to time.


I facilitate conversation during our regular monthly forum meetings. There are three parts to these gatherings: spiritual devotion, business-related training and peer discussion of real obstacles members have brought to the table.



More Than Just Meetings

In addition to our regular monthly meetings, all Convene group members have monthly one-on-one coaching time with me. During these 90-minute sessions, we can work through your biggest challenges and create plans for your greatest goals. 


Convene also offers opportunities to hear inspirational speakers, make relationships and meet and interact with a wide variety of peers from your area and beyond. There are additional local and regional gatherings throughout the year and an annual conference. At the Convene Leadership Summit, you have access to world-class leaders and entrepreneurs to learn from and be inspired by.


Want to Join My Team?

To get involved, email me at

You can also visit for more information.

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