Every organization (whether a business, church, nonprofit or other group) cycles through “burst points.” Burst points are times when an organization needs to reinvent itself to push through a wall. Those moments result in either explosive growth or an implosive failure. Often, outside perspective and strategy can help push an organization to the next level and away from disaster. I use the Paterson StratOp Process to do this.

This process empowers a Certified Facilitator (me) to enable the process while the organization retains control over content, vision and goal setting. The result is a self-managed, non-dependent relationship which will help push through those burst points without creating an unnecessary, ongoing consultative cost center.

The StratOp Process

The process is a strategic planning system which produces a balanced plan in one week.


It’s installed within a month. This behaviorally sound, six-phase process will unleash your team to manage your organization as a system fine-tuned for competitiveness, flexibility and productivity. During the process, your team learns to manage the entity as a whole, not as separate, fragmented parts. Strategy, finance, and organizational goal setting are all included. Each step of the process logically builds on the last, blending together all aspects of the business, church or nonprofit group. 


The team works the plan, putting the Plan-on-a-Page and Playbook into place. Concurrently, the StratOp process is implemented as the planning and management system for all functions. The goal is seamless, unified, alignment across all areas for further focus, accountability productivity and more.

Activate Your Organization


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