God has a plan for you and has designed you uniquely to live out that plan, but why does life often feel unfulfilling? It may feel like every day is “just another day,” and it may seem like you can’t get ahead.


Killing Cows is a personal development book for people seeking hope, direction and the steps for getting started. In it, you’ll learn how to kill the sacred cows keeping you from finding God’s plan for you. You’ll also work through proven exercises which will enable you to find your purpose and make right decisions. You’ll discover it has never been easier to truly live a fully satisfied life.


God has a plan for your life and is waiting for you to step into it.

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What readers have said about my book


“‘Killing Cows’ is a compelling read from start to finish. Using contemporary rhetoric and analogies, both of which contribute to the book's overall readability, Tony systematically identifies those areas of our lives that prevent us from reaching our true potential for lives that glorify God. In a chapter by chapter format, he then offers direct, pragmatic solutions to destroying such impediments. Tony's passion for obedience to God's instructions is stirring and inspirational, rightfully pricking the conscience while motivating the reader to make changes.” –Danielle

“What an amazing gem! Ferraro addresses many of the Christian pitfalls that prevent us from living the life that God designed for us. A very easy and thought provoking read. I'm hopeful for a companion small group study guide.” – Chastity Testa

“It was refreshing to find out my sacred cows are shared by so many others. Throughout the book I felt as if he truly opened his heart for the rest of us to hear from God. I loved it!!” –Jeremy Mount

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