Psalm 23 for the Entrepreneur

The 23rd Psalm for the Entrepreneur

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1 — Because God directs my entrepreneurialism, my hopes and my dreams, I shall lack nothing required to finish well.

2 — He alone provides calm in my life, creating a place for me to be inspired. He fills my sails with the winds of opportunity, hope for a better tomorrow and ideation while refueling the deepest parts of me.

3 — When I make His vision my vision for my life, He guides my path so that my life, my success and my redeemed failures will bring glory and honor to His name as proof of His work in and through me.

4 — On the entrepreneurial path when I find isolation, defeat, depression, hardships, loneliness and desperation, I will not fear failure because I am partnered with the God of the universe, the God of creativity, the God of passion and in Him and His plans even my failures will be redeemed for His abundant purpose.

As God directs my ambitions, encourages my persistent charge and closes doors in restraint, I will find comfort in it all knowing that it is evidence of HIs presence in my life. He is surrounding every moment and protecting me through the storms.

5  — I will move forward everyday knowing that God is preparing a place in my path where my commitment to Him, His will and His plan will be tested by those that would seek to kill my momentum. In those moments, I will stride forward knowing that He has fully prepared me, He has designed my strengths, He has fueled my determination, He has crafted my ideation, He has steadied my strategy, He has already begun to work on the hearts of those that will help me and He has foreseen every step that will take me there. My opportunities are abundant when my path is within His steps.

6 — I will find joy, rest and peace in every day of my life, regardless of the circumstances that would negatively impact my entrepreneurialism, because I have chosen to live His designed purpose for my life.

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On June 10, 2016

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