(Part 2) Pastors: Overcome 5 Myths About Entrepreneurs that are Holding You Back

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This is part two in a series addressing myths about entrepreneurs in the church. If you missed part one, check that out here.

Myth #2: Entrepreneurs are Business People, Not Pastors

Most pastors do not see themselves as entrepreneurs. While it’s true, that most are not, if you are planting a church or looking to grow one that has existed for decades, you are participating in an entrepreneurial event. So, you will either need to be an entrepreneur or have some close at hand.

The Myth

Entrepreneurs have a loud mouth and lack a solid theological base because all they care about is business.

The Truth

Entrepreneurs care about solving problems. Typically, they do this in a for-profit or nonprofit setting that will have some sort of revenue attached to it. However, this behavior does not define their entire being.

There are many great entrepreneurs that are successful in business with solid theological backgrounds. Most entrepreneurs could easily start a church. If being solid theologically is required to start a church, most entrepreneurs will pursue the knowledge to solve the problem. So, do not write them off as only understanding business. Many entrepreneurs have a great biblical background because they want to understand the complexities of theology with as much vigor as they do the complexities of anything else they’re involved in. They simply cannot solve a contextually church based problem without understanding the context of theology.

That said, like anyone else in your organization, you need to know where they are coming from before you give them authority in your church. While many entrepreneurs will have a good understanding of theology, some will not. So, while you should not keep them out of leadership for fear that their ideas or direction will not be sound biblically, you should not invite them into leadership just because they have great ideas.

Your threshold for leadership should not change just because someone is an entrepreneur. First make the leadership decision based on who they are as a whole person and then allow them to be who God has called them to be within your leadership context.

Check back on Wednesday for the third myth: Entrepreneurs will present a leadership threat. Better yet, subscribe below, and the post will land in your inbox!

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On June 27, 2016

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