(Part 5) Pastors: Overcome 5 Myths About Entrepreneurs that are Holding You Back

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This is the last post in a five-part series addressing myths about entrepreneurs in the church. If you missed previous posts, you can first check out part 1, part 2, part 3, and part 4.

Myth #5: Somehow, I’ll End Up Being the Bad Guy

Real leading is one of the loneliest roles on earth. If you are leading a church so that others will have a positive impression of you, you are in the wrong business. Every biblical leader suffered coup attempts, judgment, ridicule and even martyrdom. Pastors cannot make decisions based on a hope for popularity or their God will become themselves.

The Myth

Everyone will fall so in love with the entrepreneur’s ideas that when I say, “No,” I’ll look bad.


The Truth

Entrepreneur’s bring excitement. Many people like excitement. That is true. However, entrepreneurs serve a different purpose in a church context than lead pastors. People in your congregation see you as the spiritual leader of the church. You lead by discernment. Your goal is to cipher through the ideas in your organization, pick the ones that will get you and your congregation where you are trying to end up and lead the people. That said, sometimes, the right decision will be unpopular.

You must be willing to lead. Sometimes that leadership will result in popular ideas and other times it will result in unpopular ideas; however, if God has put you where you are and given you the vision boundaries that you have, you need to stand firm in both. If you are unsure of those things, then this is a different conversation.

So, when an entrepreneur is bringing ideas that are attracting attention, pursue a course of inclusion. How can you redirect them to vision within a picture that works and use their popularity to draw people further into your leadership?

If those things are not possible, do not be afraid to be the loneliest guy in the room. God got you there, and He will get you out of it.

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On July 6, 2016

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