Permission to Launch

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Our lives are comprised of turning points: those pivotal times that reset our direction, our perspective, build our character and change the lives of others. Each turning point adds legacy and value to our lives. Each one creates a resonance that will echo beyond our last breath. Our lessons and our impact are what we pass onto future generations. They are things that bring a smile to the face of God.

Are you living by your design?

I had the opportunity to meet with a man in his mid-50’s. I’ll call him “Steve.” Steve was very a successful entrepreneur. He had built a storied career as a property developer. When we initiated his LifePlan, Steve’s hope in the process was to figure out his core ministry. Hitting mid-life, he felt that his second half should have more Kingdom impact than his first half. In fact, his greatest life complaint at this point was that he felt greedy, as his core ambition was to generate more money. For him, no matter how hard he tried to serve God with his life, his every effort circled back around to making more money, which he did, over and over again.

Lean-in to the turning point.

During one key exchange in our two days together, he had hit a sullen, tear-filled moment, frustrated that his whole life had been built around making money. Given the confidentiality of the process, I finally asked him, “Steve, how much do you tithe?”

His response would immediately convict anyone. “Between tithes, offering and everything else, about 60-70%. Why?” As I sheepishly pondered his answer, I began to smile and giggled a bit. He asked, “What’s so funny?”

I said, “Steve, you’re already doing what you’re called to do. Your Kingdom-building role is to fund the Kingdom.”

He stepped back amazed, “That’s a role? It’s ok to do that?”

I affirmed, “It’s not only ok, it’s what you’re designed to do. You need to do more of it.”

For Steve, this was a life-changing event. Satan had fully convinced him that business could not be ministry. However, the parable of the talents challenges each of us to live within our God design and mandates that we bring back to God more than what He gave us. God expects a return on His investment . For each of us, that return will look different.

Often the value and validity of business as ministry is overlooked in Sunday messages, leaving some entrepreneurs wondering about how their life can have real purpose. Stewarding your resources as a business leader and shepherding your staff has as much Kingdom purpose as standing in a pulpit on Sundays. It is just expressed differently.

Living by design produces exponential dividends in life and opens the door of opportunity to impact others. Sometimes we just need permission to do what God has already told us to do.

Are you feeling stuck like Steve? This tool may help. Use this worksheet (PDF) to work through critical questions.

Now, go give yourself permission!

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On January 17, 2022

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